What is The Symbiont?

The Symbiont is a stateless desktop computing solution that reduces the costs and complexity of IT administration by simply eliminating the most troublesome aspect of the computer network - the personal computers.

The Symbiont brings any operating system's applications to your desktop via a zero thin client that is stateless, meaning it has no moving parts, no internal storage, no embedded operating system or software, and no forced obsolescence.

Replacing personal computers with stateless zero thin clients guarantees a more powerful, affordable, responsive, secure, and reliable computing experience.



Who is Symbio Technologies?

Symbio Technologies is the leader in server-centric, stateless computing. Symbio's highly secure, simple, and environmentally friendly solution consists of a network appliance called The Symbiont Boot Appliance, stateless Symbiont desktop terminals (zero thin clients), and value-add subscription services. Our products are certified and accredited by the Department of Energy for use in highly classified networks.

Our solutions connect users to a variety of environments, including Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, VMware VDI, Citrix Presentation Server and XenApp, Linux/Unix, NX Server, IBM iSeries and zSeries, and virtually any midrange, mainframe, or other legacy system. 

Rooted in the Open Source community, our flagship product - The Symbiont Boot Appliance - is based on LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). We are also lead developers for the LTSP community and design custom diskless (stateless) solutions for various industries.


Partners - HP, Citrix, Novell, NoMachine, Microsoft, IBM
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