The Symbiont Boot Stick™

ImageEver wish you had a magic wand you could use to resurrect those outdated PCs you don't know what to do with? Does your company have home users or road warriors who connect to your enterprise data center?

Then you can't afford to be without the Symbiont Boot Stick (SBS).

The SBS is a thin USB flash drive that's loaded with features.

Plug it into any desktop, laptop or thin client that can boot from a USB drive and you can log on to your organization's enterprise data center and use all of its applications and data. Is your computer so old that it won't boot from a USB drive? Just download our SBS Companion CD and you can turn your obsolete machine into a speedy, stateless thin client.

Your configuration is stored in a single encrypted file on the SBS that can be copied to other SBSs to make duplicate sticks easily while keeping the configuration secure.

The operating system, based on the proven SymOSv5, supports secure connections to servers running a wide variety of terminal services including:

  • Windows Terminal Server (RDP)
  • Citrix (ICA)
  • Linux or UNIX (X)
  • LDM (X-over-ssh)
  • NoMachine (NX)
  • Telnet
  • Ericom (PowerTerm WebConnect--VDI, TS, Legacy)
  • Mainframe (IBM 3270)
  • Midrange (IBM 5250)
  • VNC

Use the SBS with its built-in Adobe Flashplayer and Firefox browser to turn any device into a stand-alone computer. And there's even room on the SBS to store personal data.

Other features include:

  • JetDirect printing
  • Local print queues that make printing automagic(1)
  • VNC shadowing. If you set a password for remote shadowing, you can use your VNC viewer (even from a PDA) to shadow a user's session
  • Elographics touchscreen support
  • Enhanced touch screen calibration utility
  • Optimal display resolution auto detection
  • Automatic printer redirection(1)
  • Automatic removable media redirection(1)
  • Removable media auto detection
  • Removable media protection against corruption
  • PTP camera support

(1)Available in RDP and ICA sessions

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