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The Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA)

Deploy a 100% server-centric network simply and easily with The Symbiont Boot Appliance.

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The Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA) is a rackmount appliance that boots up stateless devices with no internal operating system or embedded software and connects them to virtually any application or terminal server. The result is a desktop environment that requires minimal maintenance, is very easy to deploy, requires no third party desktop management software, and is extremely secure. You can manage your network remotely through a web browser using a secure (SSL) connection.

Supported terminal services protocols include: Windows Terminal Services (RDP), Citrix (ICA), VMWare View, LDM (X over SSH), VNC (and VNC over SSH), Unix (XDMCP), IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Telnet, NoMachine (NX) and virtually any midrange, mainframe, or other legacy system.  The Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect--VDI, TS, Legacy client has been added to The Symbiont Boot Appliance as well. Thin clients can also boot to a local kiosk-style Java-enabled web browser.

Administrators can create multiple virtual subnets, improving the network architect's ability to separate individual users and departments from each other, and can control access to local storage devices and locally attached printers. As a security-hardened device, the SBA is the perfect choice for classified environments.

 SBA Features
 Rackmount size
 Maximum number of thin clients
 Maximum number of subnets (IP-helper based) *
 Maximum number of VLANS *
 Latest SBA firmware (SymOSv5) *
 Boots Symbiont Certified thin clients
 Manage thin clients: view, add, remove, and disable
 Secure (SSL) web-based management interface
 Security options that meet U.S. Gov't security requirements *
 Audio and video driver auto-detection *
 Local or server-side printer spooling options *
 Firewall and IP traffic control
 Online and offline firmware upgrade and licensing options *
 Encrypted SBA configuration *
* a new feature for SBAv5

SBA AddOn Modules extend the functionality of The Symbiont Boot Appliance.

 SBA AddOn Module  SBA150
 SBA and thin client monitoring **
 License required
 SBA and thin client reporting **  License required
 SBA Admin alerts **  License required
 SBA Firmware Rollback **  License required
 Multiple SBA admins **  License required
 SBA Warm Failover  License required
 SBA Hot Failover **  License required
 Thin client file system download **  License required
 Secure Distributed Multi-head display (SDM) **  License required
** Coming soon

Every SBA comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty, renewable for up to five years.

Every SBA comes with a 90 day SBA Subscription at no cost.  This subscription provides telephone and email support, firmware updates, and notification about new features.

Partners - HP, Citrix, Novell, NoMachine, Microsoft, IBM
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