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Q01. What does Symbio Technologies do?
Q02. What is the problem with using PCs in a networked environment?
Q03. What other choices are there for networking besides using PCs?
Q04. What do you mean by server-centric computing?
Q05. What is a thin client?
Q06. What is a network terminal and how does it differ from a thin client?
Q07. Where are network terminals most commonly used?
Q08. How do I decide which of your products to buy?
Q09. Can I use my Microsoft Office Suite with your products?
Q10. Can I use my Linux programs too?
Q11. Can I use your products to connect to a Windows or Citrix server?
Q12. Can I use your products to connect to older servers like an AS400 or the IBM3270?
Q13. Will your products work with PC blade technology?
Q14. If your network terminals have no CD-ROM or a floppy drive, how can I take my work home?
Q15. Can I access the files on the server from home?
Q16. Can an old PC be recycled as a network terminal?
Q17. Are server-centric networks more secure than traditional personal computer networks?
Q18. Who supports your products?
Q19. Are network terminals the best choice if I have only one computer in my home?
Q20. What happens if the server that has all of our data and applications on it fails?
Q21. I've heard that network terminals are environmentally friendly. How so?
Q22. What are the key benefits to using your products?
Q23. If The Symbiont Solution is so good, why isn’t everyone using it?
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