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Company Overview

Symbio Technologies is an innovator in server-centric diskless and stateless computing solutions. Symbio Technologies develops a network appliance that enables diskless thin clients to connect to and provide operating system environments from servers running: Windows Terminal Services (RDP), Citrix (ICA), Linux/Unix (X), NX Server (NX), TN5250/AS400, IBM3270, and many other protocols.

The company's products are designed to reduce the costs and complexity of IT administration by simply eliminating the most troublesome aspect of the computer network - the personal computers. 

Rooted in the Open Source community, our flagship product - The Symbiont Boot Appliance - is based on LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). We are also lead developers for the LTSP community and design custom diskless (stateless) solutions for various industries.



Symbio Technologies offer products appropriate for every network environment and every size budget.

The Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA)

The Symbiont Boot Appliance eliminates the requirement to purchase and configure a Linux terminal server or a custom diskless thin client "boot server". The Symbiont Boot Appliance detects, powers, connects, and manages Symbiont Certified Network Terminals through its unique, intuitive, browser-based GUI tool. The Symbiont Boot Applicance boots up your network terminals, then connects them to a variety of application servers. Currently, the Symbiont Boot Appliance supports connections to X (Linux™/UNIX™), Citrix (ICA), Windows Terminal Services (RDP), IBM 3270, AS/400, and many other terminal emulation protocols.

Symbiont Certified™ Network Terminals


Small devices, often called diskless thin clients or zero clients, that connect to your network in place of expensive personal computers. Unlike traditional thin clients,zero clients have no internal storage, applications, or embedded software that require management software, can become corrupted and require ongoing maintenance. With a stateless computing solution, when it's time to update or upgrade your entire network, just upgrade your server.

The Symbiont Workstation Manager (SWM)

As part of its commitment to the open source community, Symbio Technologies has made an open source version of its Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA) firmware, called The Symbiont Workstation Manager (SWM). The SWM is available under the terms of the General Public License as is intended to harness the ideas and resources of the Open Source development community. The SWM comes without support and/or warranty.

Zero Client Networks

Zero client networks are very attractive to businesses and educational organizations because they have been proven to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of computer networks. However, up until now, such networks have been difficult to set up and administer. Symbio Technologies' unique hardware device, The Symbiont Boot Appliance, in conjunction with our own certified zero client network terminals, makes the deployment of a diskless (stateless) computing solution simple.

By using Symbio Technologies' solutions, companies can easily access their server-based applications, whether they are Windows or Linux programs. Businesses can realize significant savings on annual licensing fees, replacement costs for workstations, and administrative costs.

Channel Marketing

Symbio Technologies has established a Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel to sell, deploy, and support its products. Its business plan calls for the creation of a worldwide network of business partners each promoting, designing, and deploying diskless thin client network solutions. Symbio Technologies, working in conjunction with its business partners, provides the technological innovation and is the common source for continuous improvement of the technology.

The company's name reflects its guiding philosophy "to create a symbiotic relationship with our business partners and customers so that everyone benefits." The company is dedicated to building infrastructures based upon this principle, thereby providing its network of channel partners with reliable, robust systems that maximize their customers' productivity and improve their bottom line.

Symbio Technologies is committed to providing stateless computing solutions that help people do more and spend less.



Partners - HP, Citrix, Novell, NoMachine, Microsoft, IBM
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