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The Symbiont Solution™


The Symbiont Solution™ is a complete server-centric network terminal (zero client) solution that answers your need for powerful, fast, affordable, secure, and reliable desktop computers.  The Symbiont Solution simplifies IT administration and reduces spending by simply eliminating the most troublesome and costly aspect of the computer network--the personal computers.

The Symbiont Solution is a modular one that offers you security. flexibility, stability, and performance that no other solution can match.

Compare The Symbiont Solution with alternatives from other companies such as Wyse, Neoware, and Hewlett-Packard, and you'll see what makes our product stand out from all the rest:  icon Feature comparison chart (77.8 KB)

Components of the Symbiont Solution


The Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA)

The Symbiont Boot Appliance (SBA) is a rackmount appliance that boots up stateless devices with no internal operating system or embedded software and connects them to virtually any application or terminal server. The result is a desktop environment that requires minimal maintenance, is very easy to deploy, requires no third party desktop management software, and is extremely secure. You can manage your network remotely through a web browser using a secure (SSL) connection. As a security-hardened device, the SBA is the perfect choice for classified environments.

Supported terminal services protocols include: Windows Terminal Services (RDP), Citrix (ICA), VMWare View,  LDM (X over SSH), VNC, (and VNC over SSH), Unix (XDMCP), IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Telnet, NoMachine (NX) and virtually any midrange, mainframe, or other legacy system.  Thin clients can also boot to a local kiosk-style Java-enabled web browser.

The Symbiont Boot Appliance dynamically provisions endpoint devices on the LAN. The SBA network-boots up to 250 endpoint devices, places them into a stateless environment (nothing to manage), and automatically provides them with the specific client-side software they need to make a seamless connection to the servers where they will get their desktops.

With the SBA, you can reuse existing PC and laptop assets that by themselves can no longer support the latest virtualization technologies, thereby reducing the cost of deploying a virtualized environment. It is the SBA that retains and manages the endpoint's configuration information - not the endpoint device.

Transferring management of the endpoint device to the SBA and maintaining a stateless desktop environment effectively eliminates all desk-side management throughout the enterprise without compromising performance and increasing security.

The SBA provides an easy-to-use, encrypted web-interface to configure and deploy endpoint devices regardless of the virtualized environment. The web-enabled management interface essentially eliminates the management of endpoint devices and makes the deployment of virtualization technologies as easy as making a selection from a pull-down menu and clicking on it.

icon SBAv5 Brochure (315.85 KB)

The Symbiont Boot Stick™ (SBS)

The Symbiont Boot Stick(SBS) plugs into the USB port of any personal computer, laptop, traditional or stateless thin client device. The SBS enables secure access to centralized application servers.  You can also use it as a standalone web kiosk or Adobe Flash Player projector to run a prepared presentation.  Think of it as a magic wand that makes virtually any computer stateless. 

You can configure the SBS yourself or have your network administrator configure it for you. Once configured, the SBS boots the same way every time and will never become corrupted by a sudden loss  of power, viruses or malware. The SBS uses its own operating system, so it has no effect at all on the OS that may be inside your computer.

Smaller than half a stick of chewing gum, the SBS is ideal for teleworkers, mobile professionals, small branch offices, and anyone who is looking for a stateless thin client to use offsite.

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Symbiont Certified™ Zero Clients

Small, stateless devices, often called "diskless thin clients" or "stateless thin clients" that connect to your network in place of expensive personal computers.

Unlike traditional thin clients, environmentally friendly zero clients have no internal storage, applications, or embedded software that can become corrupted or require maintenance.  

Our zero clients can be customized with many options including fiber cards with several speeds, dual-head capability and Smart card readers.

Not all thin clients are created equal.

Before you buy, ask yourself these seven questions about  the thin clients you are considering. Learn how you can be kind to the earth and your bottom line at the same time. Get the facts about the benefits of stateless thin clients.

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