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Stateless Computing is Intelligent Computing

What do teachers want in computers?

  • Improved student/computer ratio
  • Reliable workstations that will boot the first time and every time
  • A standardized desktop that looks the same to everyone
  • More space on classroom desks


What do school network administrators want in computers?

  • The ability to manage workstations remotely without having to touch every machine to update it or roll-out new programs
  • Improved ability to deal with viruses introduced accidentally or maliciously into the system
  • A reduction in the refresh cycle
  • Machines that draw a minimum of electricity, thereby reducing costs and the need for extra wiring

Whether you're a teacher or a network administrator, Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing using solid-state, diskless zero clients is the most secure and affordable computing solution available for public and private schools and universities.

If you are an educational institution looking for:

  • reliable workstations that can withstand constant classroom and lab use
  • workstations that are small enough to mount under a desk
  • an end to the need for continual end-user support
  • a significant reduction in the threat to your system from viruses or hackers
  • a standard look and feel for your workstations
  • the ability to roll-out new programs to everyone at the same time
  • absolute security where no data of any kind is stored on desktop devices
  • the ability to manage your workstations remotely
  • a significant reduction in your electrical costs that will benefit your bottom line, your need for extra wiring and the environment

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Symbio Technologies is an authorized e-Rate vendor. Our SPIN number is 143026726.

Read about how the Northwest Catholic School District 16 has benefited from the Symbio solution.


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