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Stateless Computing is Library Computing

Public, school, business, university libraries and archives.

They all share one thing in common--the increasing need to offer their patrons access to the wealth of online material.

Whether it's the individual who comes to the public library to check his or her email, the high school student who is writing a research paper, or the professor seeking an academic journal article, they all need the ability to access productivity tools and the Internet.

Libraries often install PCs as workstations or kiosks for their patrons to use, but PCs are expensive to buy and hard to maintain, especially in public venues. And because they're used mostly for information retrieval, usually less than 2% of the PC's processing power is ever utilized.

Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing using stateless, diskless zero clients is a far better solution.

If you are a library, archive or other information service looking for a solution that:

  • can withstand constant use
  • is small enough to mount under a desk
  • improves your workstation / patron ratio
  • presents a standard look and feel
  • spells an end to the need for continual end-user support
  • potentially eliminates the threat to your systems from viruses or hackers
  • is absolutely secure, where no data of any kind is stored on desktop workstation
  • eliminates the constant need to replace outdated workstations
  • can be completely managed and maintained remotely
  • significantly reduces your electrical costs, to benefit your bottom line, and the environment


Then contact Symbio Technologies at .

Read about Symbio Technologies in this issue of Library Journal that explains why "It Pays to be Thin."

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