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Stateless Computing is Computing That Travels With You

We live in a wired world where guests expect services such as Internet access in their hotel rooms or at conferences, or even self-service kiosk check-in. Organizations in the hospitality business need to have uninterrupted access to their information and must be able to assure their guests that their sensitive personal and financial data is secure.

Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing using stateless, diskless zero clients offers an inexpensive, reliable, ultra-secure computing solution.

If you are a restaurant, hotel, or any other hospitality, accommodation, or food services organization looking for an IT solution that:


  • offers your guests flexible Internet access with minimal IT maintenance or complexity on your part
  • is inexpensive to install and maintain
  • has no data of any kind stored on desktop workstations, reducing the likelihood of workstation tampering or theft
  • significantly reduces your electrical costs, to benefit your bottom line, and the environment
  • reduces the threat to your systems from viruses or hackers
  • reduces your system's downtime
  • enhances productivity by providing your workers with a standard desktop and applications
  • centralizes your customers' data and delivers it to geographically dispersed sites while assuring its end-to-end security
  • can be completely managed and maintained remotely


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