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Stateless Computing Is Computing You Can Bank On

  • Access to more information and applications
  • No downtime
  • Absolute data security
  • Compliance with government regulations

Financial institutions have to be able to access multiple sources of information, and multiple applications, simultaneously.  And that access must be reliable, and their data must be safe and secure. Even minimal interruptions in service can be costly. The loss of sensitive data can be disastrous, particularly for organizations that have legal obligations under laws such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Sarbanes-Oxley to make sure that such losses do not occur.

Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing using stateless, diskless zero clients offers a reliable, ultra-secure computing solution.

If you are a bank, securities firm, insurance company, or any other financial institution looking for a solution that:

  • provides versatile access to multiple information sources and applications simultaneously
  • eliminates threats to your systems from viruses or hackers
  • increases your system's uptime
  • is absolutely secure, where no data of any kind is stored on desktop workstations
  • extends the useful life of your workstations
  • reduces the costs and complexity associated with IT maintenance
  • facilitates compliance efforts
  • enhances productivity by providing users with a standard desktop and applications
  • delivers any application to geographically dispersed call centers while assuring data security
  • can be completely managed and maintained remotely
  • significantly reduces your electrical costs, to benefit your bottom line, and the environment


Then contact Symbio Technologies at .

Read how Vision Financial Corporation is benefiting from Symbio's stateless approach to computing.


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