Stateless Computing Is Retail Computing


  • Keeping costs down to a minimum
  • No downtime
  • Flexible IT solutions
  • Absolute data security

Retail businesses must maximize their supply chain so they can offer customers the products they want at the prices they are willing to pay for them. To accomplish those goals, retailers must track inventory, manage programs to keep customers loyal, and provide their suppliers and customers with information. All the while, they must make sure that their systems are flexible enough to accommodate change, completely reliable, and that confidential data moving between sites is completely secure.

Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing using stateless, diskless zero clients provides a flexible solution that can be used for both point-of-sale / service (POS) and backoffice environments.

If you are a retail trade organization looking for a solution that:

  • reduces acquisition and maintenance costs
  • increases your system's uptime
  • significantly reduces your electrical costs, to benefit your bottom line, and the environment
  • is absolutely secure, where no data of any kind is stored on desktop workstations
  • works with touch screens, cash drawers, receipt printers, and other POS peripherals
  • eliminates threats to your systems from viruses or hackers
  • extends the useful life of your workstations
  • enhances productivity by providing your workers with a standard desktop and applications
  • delivers any application to geographically dispersed call centers while assuring data security
  • can be completely managed and maintained remotely


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