Ultra-Secure Computing with The Symbiont Solution

What would happen if your company's data or that of your customers was breached?

Do you have company data scattered on local workstations and laptops?

Centralizing your data storage through a server-centric computing solution, using Symbio stateless thin clients as your desktop devices, is the best way to make sure that your data is accessible, complete, and secure.

In a server-centric environment, you could use PCs or embedded thin clients as desktop devices, but doing so would put your network at risk.

PCs have local storage, which can become corrupted, infected with viruses, or hijacked by hackers. Also, workers often save critical information locally, thereby either intentionally or inadvertently depriving others of valuable data.

Embedded thin clients also have local software that stores information such as preferences and IP addresses. Hackers intent on disrupting your network can use this information to attack you.

But Symbio zero clients are completely solid-state and record no information of any kind. There is absolutely no local data that thieves can obtain by stealing the desktop device or by hacking into it. No longer will you have to worry about your data becoming corrupted, lost or stolen.

In addition, Symbio stateless thin clients work only when they are attached to the network, so they are worthless to a potential thief.


If you want to make your network as secure as Fort Knox, choose the computing solution selected by The National Nuclear Security Agency--The Symbiont Solution.

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