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Disaster Recovery with The Symbiont Solution


Are you prepared for catastrophe?

What would happen to your business if it were struck by a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, or any other disaster?

Can your business maintain continuity of service?

Using Symbio Technologies' approach to server-centric computing with stateless, diskless zero clients for your normal business operations is also the best way to deal with any eventuality. 

Setting up an alternative worksite is fast, simple, and inexpensive. All you need are a server on which to load your backups, and a Symbiont Boot Appliance from which you can boot hundreds of Symbio thin clients.

If your company's employees need to work remotely or telecommute for a period of time (either from some other office or even from home), they can do so easily and seamlessly with Symbio's zero clients. With all company data and applications stored on the backup server, employees can log on from any location using Symbio's zero clients and securely access all of their information, making it ideal for disaster recovery.

Very few disaster recovery strategies mesh as well with overall business goals as Symbio's zero clients do. With a disaster recovery strategy that includes the Symbio solution, you also get better day-to-day security and easier support and administration.

No other computing solution will allow your organization to return to a rich computing experience as quickly as stateless thin client computing from Symbio Technologies.


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