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Symbio's Commitment to Green IT

Even though our logo is orange, we're committed to green.

Nowhere is that commitment more evident than in our office itself.

We use Symbiont certified zero thin clients, which are RoHS compliant, meet CE regulations, and comply with Energy Star guidelines, to reduce the electricity consumption of our desktop workstations by 95% over traditional PCs and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, our thin clients use less electricity when they are on than PCs do when they are off.

Our thin clients have nothing inside--no embedded software and no moving parts--so the only time we have to buy new ones is when we add an employee. With no internal moving parts, stateless thin clients generate no heat and operate silently, reducing our need for air conditioning in the office.

Fewer internal parts cut down on production costs, saving even more energy. The thin client's small size (typically about 6 inches high) means that many more machines can fit in a shipping box, scaling down transportation costs and fossil fuel consumption.

Symbio Technologies is strongly committed to international efforts to reduce e-waste. The improved refresh cycle that results from using zero clients instead of PCs (as much as 17 years between replacements as opposed to the 3 to 5 years typical of PCs) reduces the hazards and costs associated with disposal and the need for landfill. In addition, almost all parts of our stateless thin client, which supports WEEE, can be recycled, as opposed to only 76% of standard PCs.

Our stateless solution can be managed remotely, so network administrators can manage the system without having to be physically onsite. Our Symbiont Boot Stick allows road warriors and telecommuters to log in to their network from anywhere, minimizing the need to travel. The Boot Stick is also a magic wand that can revive outdated PCs and make them useful again, so obsolete hardware no longer has to be sent to landfills.

As a company, we are good, green corporate citizens. We operate an almost paperless organization, with most internal and external communications conducted electronically. Rather than printing reams of documents, brochures, and manuals on paper, we post all of this material on our website. Everything from mailings to our customers and value added resellers to our press releases we send out electronically. By reducing the need to consume fossil fuels and cut down trees, we demonstrate through our products and our actions that we are committed to being good stewards of the earth.

We strongly believe that you can be kind to your bottom line and the planet at the same time.

If you care about the environment and want to reduce the negative impact we are having on it, stateless thin client technology is the responsible computing choice.




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